The "Foundation for Art Educational Materials"

In 2008 Gottfried Honegger set up a project called "Foundation for Art Educational Teaching Materials", which over the years has helped thousands of children, teachers, art therapists and institutions large and small to teach art and donated thousands of visual games, films, DVD and cassettes. In this way he consolidated the development of various art education teaching aids such as „the Viseur“, „Ecouteur“ and films, which convey the basic forms and structures of design. The first teaching aid, the "Viseur", was developed by the founder in 1992. Shortly afterwards, the "Ecouteur" was published as well as films about basic forms and structures of design. These teaching aids have been constantly revised and reissued. The foundation researches the effects of the teaching materials, publishes the results, develops new art pedagogical teaching materials and donates them to institutions that work with people in all walks of life: kindergartens, homes for the elderly, schools, prisons, hospitals, etc. The teaching materials encourage the examination of aesthetics and creativity. They support learning, prevention, and sensitization of the senses. They bring joy. Gottfried Honegger himself donated considerable sums of money and sought further sponsors. Art patrons, collectors and friends such as the Michael Hilti Foundation, Sybil Albers, Professor P.A. Clavien and many others supported this idea and helped to make it possible to give away visors to all continents. In 2019 the foundation was renamed "Fondation Gottfried Honegger".